Significant Investor Visa.

Business Intellect Group (Australia member firm of Reanda International) has teamed with specialists to provide an all-in-one service to make your move to Australia under the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) seamless and successful.

We also recognise that after you obtain Australian permanent residence it is important for that you understand your rights and obligations. This process can often be complex and frustrating. We are here to support you with our comprehensive range of advisory and professional services.

ACapital Program

We work in close consultation with other professionals and specialists in the development  and implemention of the ACapital Program which is the first investment and immigration-linked ‘all-in-one’ service for investors to satisfy all the necessary migration requirements for SIV.

Under ACapital Program, we have teamed with:

  • Our off-shore operational centre for executing the ‘ACapital Program’; and
  • Mutual Power Wealth Management Limited as our off-shore frontline operation in executing the ACapital Program.

For more information on the ACaptial Program please refer to the following fact sheets:

  1. Australia DIAC SIV article abstract November 2012
  2. Bizintel Involvement in the development of SIV
  3. Information brochure
  4. Australia Capital Investment Fund and Australia Capital SunLink Fund
  5. Australia Capital Investment Management and Australia Capital Financial Management


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