By working in conjunction with our various other professional advisers we focus in delivering comprehensive turn-key solutions for you and your business.

We recognise that our clients in an ever-changing and highly technical environment may require assistance from their global partners, and in particular the need to obtain highly skilled individuals for their specific spheres of business operations. As such our migration team has the ability and skills to work with our clients and government agencies to streamline the process of introducing such skilled individuals into their local operations.

Migration encompasses many areas of government requirements and can be complex to the uninitiated. We endeavour to manoeuvre our clients through the complex array of migration issues that need to be addressed for each and every visa application. For example some of the migration requests from various businesses may be as follows:

  • An Australian business requiring employees with a particular highly specialised skill not readily available in Australia; or
  • Appointment of high profile, overseas executives with proven industry experience to assist an Australian business; or
  • A unique overseas business looking to extend its operations within Australia; or
  • A high net worth individual wishing to settle and invest in Australia.


Migration services are provided by Business Intellect Migration Pty Ltd.